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2006-09-29 11:50 pm

Good TV on Saturday Night!

Just want to put in a plug for "Kidnapped," which is my favorite new show of the fall so far. You can completely catch up, because NBC is showing the first two hours on Saturday night. The first has some cliched elements and a really lame monologue at the end, but you'll notice the quality anyway. The second episode is terrific and you start to see all the mysteries and come up with some theories of your own. Plus, for my Phile friends, there are several XF alums, notably Tooms (!) as the (as of now) head Bad Guy. Plus, Jeremy Sisto and Delroy Lindo. C'mon! What's not to like?

The ratings have not been great, but the show is really good. Give it a try.
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2003-04-23 10:35 pm